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We are young and modern company providing best selection of medical and laboratory supplies.

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Perfect Match

The wide range of laboratory materials available enables us to offer our customers the ideal match for their needs. This makes it easier for us to carry out complex scientific research.

Modern Laboratory

We are constantly reviewing the available offers of the world's best-known suppliers to support our customers in equipping and using modern medical laboratories.

Responsible Approach

Our activities with customers are characterised by a sense of joint responsibility for the course and outcome of scientific and medical research. If you have any questions, please contact us.

IgG Antibodies will drive your laboratory research forward

Present your research methods, the conduct of the research in a modern way. Turn your laboratory into research center.

  • Universal

    We have a universal assortment that is useful in every laboratory examination and scientific work.

  • Customer Support

    We take care of high standard and quality of customer service. We provide support and advice in the selection of test materials and assistance in the repair of laboratory equipment.

  • Unique Product Selection

    We offer a unique selection of products - we are the only one on the market to enable our customers to use our offer with unique, unprecedented products.

Immunoglobulin, bacteria, IgG, antibodies

Research with IgG Antibodies!

We provide many different products, eg. Bovine IgG Elisa, IgG antibody (Rabbit & Goat), Immunoglobulin G1 Human subclass, IgG2 antibody, Rat IgG2a Heavy Chain antibody and others.

Among many world-renowned suppliers of medical and laboratory materials, we offer, for example accurate-monoclonals, aviva, bioma, genways, MBS Polyclonals and Unibo. Our offer is subject to frequent changes in order to best adapt to current market trends.

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Bacteria, antibodies, Immunoglobulin, IgG, antibody

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  • Anetta Fonlon

    "I do shopping here very often because of helpful crew."

    Anetta Fonlon, lab director

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    "Great customer support, many high-quality products."

    Peter Murphi, laboratory CEO

  • Roberta Klein

    "I like IgG Antibodies, because they have all necessary materials for research."

    Roberta Klein, scientist