iFluor 405 goat anti-mouse IgG (H+L) *Cross Adsorbed*

Basic information

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    iFluor 405 goat anti-mouse IgG (H+L) *Cross Adsorbed*

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    340 EUR

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    2X200 ug

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More detailed information


iFluor 405 goat anti-mouse IgG (H+L) *Cross Adsorbed* is a light yellow solid, soluble in water. It is a dye that is optimized for labeling proteins.


Blue Ice


2-6°C and kept from light


12 months

Molecular Weight



Light yellow


Soluble in: Water

Excitation Wavelength

401 nm

Emission Wavelength

420 nm

Personal precautions

Wear appropriate gloves, protective clothing and eyewear and follow safe laboratory practices.


Laboratory chemicals *For Research Use Only*


To order iFluor 405 goat anti-mouse IgG (H+L) *Cross Adsorbed*, please use the Cat. Nr.16524 and submit your purchase order by email or by fax. A discount is available for larger or bulk quantities, please contact us for more information


Our specialists recommend you to follow carefully the pre-registered instructions for iFluor 405 goat anti-mouse IgG (H+L) *Cross Adsorbed*

Additional description

This antibody needs to be stored at + 4°C in a fridge short term in a concentrated dilution. Freeze thaw will destroy a percentage in every cycle and should be avoided.

Latin name

Capra aegagrus hircus,Mus musculus


Immunoglobulin gamma, IgG, mouse monoclonal H&L chain clones or rabbit, goat polyclonal antibodies have 4 parts. There are 2 heavy chains, 2 light chains. The IgG antibody has 2 antigen binding sites. They represent 70% or more of serum antibodies. This antibody can be antigen purified or protein A or G purified. For storage sodium azide is added or you can call us to request azide free antibody preparations. These will need colder storage temperatures.

Additional isotype



Mouse or mice from the Mus musculus species are used for production of mouse monoclonal antibodies or mabs and as research model for humans in your lab. Mouse are mature after 40 days for females and 55 days for males. The female mice are pregnant only 20 days and can give birth to 10 litters of 6-8 mice a year. Transgenic, knock-out, congenic and inbread strains are known for C57BL/6, A/J, BALB/c, SCID while the CD-1 is outbred as strain.